Life always has a pinch of the blues, doesn’t it? And if this outfit were life - pretty and frilly at first glance - it really would be just average and bland, if it weren’t for the blues. 

So ladies (and fellas), make the best of the bluesy moments. Listen to what they’re trying to say to you. There is a reason you’re feeling down, and deep down, we all know how to change it. But when the familiar feels more comfortable, it’s easy to remain complacent. 

Be pro-active. Take your blues and shove them into everyone’s face, and if you’ve got them on your feet, perhaps kick everyone’s butt. Why not? Carry your heart on your poofy, striped sleeve. Because that’s how you can show them who you are.

And that’s show yourself, who you are meant to be.

Have a great week! 

Tucked in Peplum Top: Forever 21 [similar] // Skirt: H&M [similar] // Shoes: Nine West [similar here. just kidding.]  // Clutch: Forever 21 [similar] // Earrings: Joa & Closet // Sunnies: Target // Chain-link bracelet: Express [similar]

I really like the way these photos turned out - thanks to my sister, Gabi, and her pretty home. :)

Fun in the sun with friends!

What a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Eating hot dogs and sipping cocktails. It’s finally stopped feeling like we were time-warped back to February here in Michigan, and we were able to soak up the sun. 

I especially loved this summer outfit with the boots. Pulls it all together nicely and it makes me feel like a badass Lana Del Rey… And who am I to fight that feeling?

Denim Shorts: Forever 21 // Lace cardigan: Forever 21 // Boots: Steve Madden // Belt: H&M [similar] // Sunnies: Coach [similar] // Chain: Joa & Closet  

Greetings from the sky! I´ve just seen the picture that you uploaded with our loly shoes and its so lovely, I love it! I want to thank you so much for being part of the loly in the sky family we really do appreaciate you :) now I invite you to see my new tumblr and have a lovely day loly girl! -- with love, loly <3

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I love it! So many pretty things to look at. :)

Thank you!