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If you’re looking for inspiration - and I’ve said this on here before - go to Detroit. Our fair city in a constant state of struggle can surprise you to lengths you can’t find anywhere else. While in large hubs, it’s always been fairly easy to find a gathering of any given point of interest, in Detroit it hasn’t. Until now. 

More and more, creative types, entrepreneurs, and overall enthusiasts are flocking to Michigan in the search of a space and a voice. And here, that you will find.

Michigan F.A.S.H Fest: The “Reveal” Beauty and Trend Showcase was a beautifully created event of fashion as art & art as fashion. The interchangeability was palpable, and I couldn’t tell where one started and the other began. And to me, that’s exactly the purpose of The “Reveal.”

Located at the Carr Center, a 118-year-old building in midtown Detroit, the event brought together a collaborative showcase of local artists in an array of different exhibits from photography, to 3D hair sculptures on live models, a jewelry display, an interactive fine art showcase, and the big reveal of the mystery theater space.

Serenaded by the beautiful sound of violins, I fell in love with the space as soon as I walked in. For its grandiosity and flaws that tell a story and show a history (they want to renovate it, which is amazing, but the thought of losing the breathtaking aged spirit of this place breaks my heart) and I hope to be back again.

I immensely enjoyed attending this showcase and being surrounded by the ubiquitously creative, incessantly aspiring, and undeniably fabulous people of Detroit. 

Dress worn as top: via Macy’s [similar] // Skirt: Joa & Closet // Cocktail Ring: Forever 21 [similar] // Shoes: Zara // Floral Dress on my beautiful sister Gabby: H&M


The “Reveal” Beauty and Trend Showcase Credits:


Lilacpop Studio, Boswell Creative, Jason Loudermilk Photography, and Dan Lippitt
Meridith Lorde, Hair Matters, The Social Club Grooming Co. Team, Golden Goddess Salon Team, and Antonino Salon & Spa Team
Eric Beamon
Cristin Richard
Sonia Lee